by The Sisters Rack Resale Boutique

When asked, “why Terramina?” Dorinda was quick to reply, because Terramina is upscale, polished, suitable for church-lady, first lady or every lady.” Indeed the Dorinda Clark-Cole Rose Collection for Terramina is just that; Classic, chic, sophisticated, makes every woman feel special and as though each garment was specifically made for them.”

Dorinda feels that every garment is blessed, and we feel truly blessed to work with Dorinda on this exquisite collection for Terramina, Inc. Dorinda also believes that God gives her faith and allows her to do what she does and be where she is, and we at Terramina feel the blessing in every suit we make and every satisfied customer that buys our products.
This is a blessed union indeed!

Dorinda Clark-Cole... The Rose Collection


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